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Contract Research:

Prime Bio, Inc. research team consists of experienced scientists trained from cell biology, molecular biology, protein chemistry, molecular imaging and many other fields. Our research team can perform any research projects related to botulinum neurotoxin including assay development, cellular binding and translocation study, molecular imaging and many others.

Toxin Analysis:

Prime Bio, Inc. provides one-stop botulinum toxin analysis services for all your needs. Toxin quantitation, toxin activity measurement, toxin type identification and more.

Cell-based Assays:

Prime Bio, Inc. We offer services to conduct drug toxicity testing and mechanistic evaluation of various types of compounds for your needs. With experiences with many mammalian cell lines, we are capable of carrying out assays on proliferation, differentiation, toxicity, motility, production of a measurable product, and morphology.


Prime Bio, Inc. provides bioconjugation services for your needs.. Prime Bio, Inc. is able to conjugate various functional molecules to your proteins, including fluorescent labeling, biotinylation as well as nanoparticle conjugation.

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